No hacking or mods 
- Optifine is the only exception 
- Texture packs that give an unfair advantage (eg. any comparable to xray) are not allowed. 
- No scripts of any kind are allowed. 
- No one receives any favors, i.e. if you donate or have been on the server for months, if you break the rules you will be banned. 
- Alternate accounts of any banned player may also be subjected to a ban. 
- If you are pardoned and were killed prior to the ban by an admin, you are not entitled to your lost items. You break the rules, you suffer the consequences.
No item duplication (including TNT duping) or exploiting any other glitches 
- Nether Roof Travel: You will be removed from the roof and anything you may have built on the roof will be removed also.
- Zero Tick Farms: These will be removed. If you re-built you are at risk of being banned.
No repeatedly killing a player at their spawnpoint 
- This includes hanging around world spawn killing defenseless players. Do not follow people out of spawn (TP huts or walking) and kill them. 
- If you are attacking a player at their bed, don't kill them repeatedly, just break their bed.
No spamming 
- Spam variety #1: Posting the same/similar message repeatedly. 
- Spam variety #2: Flooding the chat with short messages to a friend for example. Do not use public chat like a phone call. If an admin tells you to stop/whisper then listen.
No advertising 
- If you are caught advertising other servers in chat, whispering or public, you will be banned. 
- Do not joke about advertising or discuss other servers. 
- Do not advertise your YouTube channel. Do not ask for a special YouTube rank/privilege. One does not exist and will never exist. You are not special.
Be respectful in chat 
- We are quite relaxed on what is discussed in chat, but if an admin says you've gone too far then please listen and stop. Any lewd/offensive/etc commentary will be dealt with by staff appropriately. 
- Do not bully other players. We understand not everyone is going to like each other. If you can't get along with someone just ignore them. Do not provoke.
Respect the staff of the server 
- If an admin warns you to stop something, please stop. Do not push the rule limits. 
- Remember that admins are volunteering their free time to help out the server. They deserve respect just the same as anyone else. Be friendly to them. 
- Respect admin decisions. If you feel that something happened truly unfairly, reach out to xmariah to discuss it. Do not make it a public argument or attack the admin. 
- No rules lawyering. Yes, we know the rules don't/can't cover everything. If you choose to test that and we ban you, then that is an issue all to your own. Again, if you have a true complaint please bring it to xmariah.
Don't grief spawn. It makes us cry a little on the inside. 
- Do not wall off or dig a trench around spawn or anything else that prevents players from exiting spawn. 
- Builds within viewing distance of spawn may be removed as admins see fit to do so. 
- Do not try to lava/water/tnt/cactus/etc in or around spawn. 
- Do not trap the End. 
- Any builds deemed to be disruptive to others are subject to removal (eg. overpowered farms, nazi symbols, etc.).
Language - English 
- The language of public chat on the server is English. This is not to be mean or unfair to any non English speaker, this is simply so we can all understand each other. 
- If you wish to speak another language, please whisper to the player you would like to speak to. 
- If your English sucks, that's alright. Give it your best try and chances are we will understand you anyway. ;)